IRS Direct Pay is Now Available

On May 24th, the IRS announced the successful start of its new web-based system, known as IRS Direct Pay, on

The system allows taxpayers to pay their tax bills or make tax payments directly from checking or savings accounts without any fees or pre-registration and offers a 30-day advance payment scheduling, rescheduling or cancellations, as well as a payment status search.

IRS Direct Pay simplifies the payment process by allowing taxpayers to establish an account with no waiting period and receive instant confirmation of their payment on a system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, IRS Direct Pay accepts only 1040 series return payments, including estimated tax payments, proposed tax assessments, extension payments, and amended return payments spanning from tax years 1993-2014.

To use this program, the IRS must first verify the taxpayer’s name, address, filing status, social security number and date of birth from a prior year tax return. Contact your local Padgett office to see how this new system can simplify your life!

For more information, contact Padgett Business Services in Bothell, Washington at (425) 408-1695. We handle your bookkeeping, accounting, tax (personal & business) and payroll needs – so you can focus on what makes you money. Serving Bothell, Lynnwood, Kenmore, Mill Creek and surrounding areas.

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